Coffee Followers

I’m holding a cup of coffee, so I’m pretty busy.
That’s it.

Life happens.
Coffee helps.

First I drink the coffee.
Than I do the things.

My body is basically a filter.
Coffee goes in and sarcasm comes out.

Don’t make me use my before coffee voice.

Coffee and then the wolrd.

Procaffeinating meaning :
(n.) the tendency to not start anything until you’ve had a cup of coffee.

Coffee is my spirit animal.

Save the Earth.
It’s the only planet with coffee.

Too much monday,
not enough coffee.

Coffee doesn’t ask silly questions.
Coffee understands.


How many cups of coffee have you had today?
None plus five.

Today’s forecast:
100% chance of coffee.

Good days start with coffee.
So I drink it all day long just in case.

Coffee comes from a planet which technically make this cup a salad.

Bad day? Coffee.
Good day? Coffee.
Lots of work to do? Coffee.
Bad credit? Coffee.
Dry skin? Coffee.
Coffee? Coffee.

The difference between your opinion and coffee is that I asked for coffee.

Coffeegasm meaning:
(n.) that little rush you feel after that first sip of good, strong coffee.


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